Patricia Hill

10″x8″; canvas panel, handmade papers, book illustration, oil pastels; 2019

Patricia Hill
Northampton, Massachusetts, USA


I am a self-taught collage artist, but I’ve been making art of one kind or another my entire life.

I’ve been a classical pianist and a published poet, a master gardener and an interior designer. I’ve quilted and needlepointed, upcycled furniture, explored shibori dyeing, and made my own paper.

Collage art is an extension of who I am in all these roles. Telling a story, finding balance in color and shape, tapping into the poetry of ordinary materials to reveal hidden beauty, and above all celebrating the evidence of hand in all its imperfection and authenticity.

I am drawn to memory and metaphor, myth and philosophy, the uncanny and the epiphanic. My collages incorporate a variety of papers, images, and found objects that come together in surprising ways. To paraphrase Joan Didion, “I collage entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at…”


I am a new-to-the field collage artist. I have no formal art training, beyond the occasional workshop, but I have been studying and collecting art for the better part of 30 years.

My educational degrees are in international relations (BA) and English literature (MA), and my professional career has been spent as a commercial writer and editor, currently as Hill Editorial Services.

I live in Northampton, Massachusetts, a vibrant community of artists, musicians, writers, and academics, with an abundance of inspiring outdoor spaces.

My work was in the group exhibition, “Small Works” at Hope and Feathers Gallery in Amherst, Massachusetts in 2019.


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8″x10″; canvas panel, magazine pages, book illustrations, cheesecloth, metal hinge, oil pastels; 2019
The Philosopher
10″x8″; canvas panel, magazine pages, book illustration, handmade and unryushi paper, vintage watch part, oil pastels; 2019
All You’ve Ever Wanted
9″x12″; canvas panel, vintage house plan, magazine pages, postcard, found image, glassine envelope, oil pastels; 2020
Three Girls
8″x10″; mat board, handmade papers, unryushi paper, photocopied image, oil pastels; 2019