Laurie Langford

collage; 2018

Laurie Langford
Chatham, Ontario, Canada


Laurie Langford inserts subversive humour into her installations to prick debate on contemporary gender expectations. Her mixed-media shadow boxes, collage, photography, and printmaking overwrite the conventions of sexuality, domesticity, family, history and the body. Inspired by artists Barbara Kruger, Elizabeth “Bloodbath” McGrath, and Norman Barney, as well as poets e.e. cummings and Edgar Allan Poe, Langford’s work narrates “pop culture innocence gone horribly wrong” (Phil Vanderwall, 2011).

Langford uses a detailed, mixed-media overlay method to bring forth the dissenting story in each found piece, thereby disturbing the viewer’s comfortable seat in the world.


I am an artist based in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. I create shadowboxes, photographs, assemblage, installations, video, photo-transfer prints, and collage. My art studies have sprung from my degree in English Literature and Art History from the University of Toronto.

I have spent the last 10 years developing my practice and exhibiting my work in various galleries throughout Southwestern Ontario. My favourite exhibition to date, “The League of Extraordinary Ladies”, took place during ARTprize 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Travelling to art museums continues to inspire me as does collaborating with fellow artists and guest curating exhibitions.

More information is available at my blog, on my Facebook page, and on my Instagram feed.


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Be Particular
17.25″x14.5″; collage; 2014

Gods of Rock (detail)
34″x76″; collage; 2018

New Models for a New Era
15.5″x12″x1.5″; collage; 2012

A Little Too Much Home Cooking
15″x21″; collage; 2012