Sheila Perelman

Fishing for the Truth
20″x26″; paper on board; 2007

Sheila Perelman
Yonkers, New York, USA


I am a collage artist living in Yonkers, New York for the past 30 years. I am currently retired but worked as a psychotherapist for twenty years enveloped in the world of psychology, a process of probing and searching, always looking for deeper meaning, a process which has naturally found its way into my collages.

I work primarily with papers from magazines and books, initially searching for one thing that catches my eye, perhaps psychologically and visually. With these materials, I begin to work without glue, adding more pieces, shifting, changing, adding to the collage, until something clicks and I begin to understand what I am striving for, where to go.

I consult books on dream imagery at times for connections to the unconscious. It is always an amazing journey and when it is finished, I begin the gluing, with so many pieces, always a challenge, but never dull.


For many years I created decorative baskets which were displayed and sold in various parts of the U.S., primarily in the Southwest.

I have also studied drawing, finally finding my way to collage after having seen an exhibition of Jess at the Whitney Museum where the fit, for me, was like coming home, a place of enormous intrigue and exploration that has become my lifetime journey.

I have exhibited my collages in various venues in Westchester County, New York.


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Stairway 1
21″x17″; paper on board; 2015
The Entry
20″x26″; paper on board; 2012
The Great Escape
20″x26″; paper on board; 2013
Woman on Pedestal
20″x26″; paper on board; 2017