Sarah-Twiggy Boyer

Mothers are Divinely Connected
9″x7″; mixed media collage; 2019

Sarah-Twiggy Boyer
Coral Springs, Florida, USA


The past is one of the most essential building blocks to one’s character, yet memory is a highly complex concept. Over time, one’s memory of specific instances can be distorted, recreated and combined with others to create new experiences. The influence from the memories of others can also affect the way one recalls their own experiences. This exaggeration of memories is the primary focus of my work. To me, memory is an ever-evolving aspect of our minds— each moment existing in the shadow of the subsequent one. It is a fragile and decaying, yet beautiful and delicate part of the unconscious that I sought to explore. The work can be described as “nostalgic” and ephemeral as the pieces stand as fragments that influence this modified experience that the viewer can develop and relate to their own. The goal of the work is to borrow aspects from the memory of other’s, mold them into my own and fabricate new ones for others to borrow from.


Sarah-Twiggy Boyer is a mixed media collage artist currently living in South Florida. Born and raised in Paris, France, Sarah-Twiggy studied painting and curatorial studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated in 2012. She has been a part of a number of group exhibitions, has worked as a teaching artist since graduating and she is now a working artist and mother to a little girl. Her work explores themes of memories, connections, and motherhood and often uses found photographs as collage elements, drawing and painting. In the near future, Boyer hopes to work with artist mothers and explore postpartum healing in conjunction with art.


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