Lee E Ronshaugen

20″x20″; photography, digital collage, mixed media, acrylic, on wood panel; 2019

Lee E Ronshaugen
Denver, Colorado, USA


My art often has an underlying secondary message. I suppose it’s my background in advertising with a focus on conceptual problem solving that affects my work. Assemblage allows me the freedom to use various materials and techniques from photography, painting, screen printing, to digital and hand collage to express myself. If my art can tell a story, or better yet offer perspective on a topic, I’ve accomplished my goal. Struggle, conflict, and rebirth are constant themes in my work. My intention is to reach the viewer in a relatable manner, one that sympathizes, challenges, and encourages.


Most of creative life I’ve been on the advertising side. Starting with photography, followed by design, then advertising. Working on major brands in US, as well as across Europe. In addition, I’ve allows maintained an art studio, which has kept me sane, allowing me to work freely on an idea without having to follow a brief. I work mostly in assemblage and mixed-media and I’m presently in Denver, Colorado (RiNo Arts District).


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Street Modern
20″x16″; collage, digital collage, acrylic, ink, on canvas; 2017
12″x12″; crumpled-up magazines, collage, photography, digital; 2018
23.25″x24″; mixed-media, collage, acrylic, on wood panel; 2016
12″x12″; collage, digital collage, digital; 2018