Ruth Thomas

14″x11″; magazines, white paper, and glue; 2019-2020

Ruth Thomas
McDonough, Georgia, USA


Exploring the weird and different areas of the art world became fascinating to me when I began to study the arts. I involved myself in the history of art, along with reading about different movements and periods. Discovering this led me down a rabbit hole to where I am now. My work consists mainly of mixed media in collage making. The idea of ripping or cutting pieces from magazines to create a new picture is where I found a passion for my work. The term collage means to take things apart, only to put them back together differently. In my work, I try to make the things we call normal and turn them into a piece that’s different than before.

One of my first collage pieces was complex but straightforward in its form. I found that I began to work with the human figure and landscape more and decided to build off that. In my collage pieces, I like to experiment with the standard idea of a person or scenery and distort that image to create a new reality. I noticed when other people began to see my work, they all came up with one word, “weird,” which could be the perfect fit for my ideas. The idea of distorting the normal is what fascinated me; how many arms could one person have maybe ten. It’s a fun way to create new things just by the concept of imagination and a little weirdness.

When I create my pieces, I try not to let any idea be labeled ridiculous or wrong. If there is a wild idea that I would like to glue on paper, then I should be able to do that, no matter how many trees, arms, or eyes are in the picture. It’s about the process of collage that draws creativity from one’s mind. Take the normal parts of what we see and understand and add different things together to create a new piece of work that stands on its own.


Ruth Anne is an artist from McDonough, Georgia. She has been working with mixed media since 2017 and has found a passion for my creations. Anne earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Reinhardt University in 2020. She has had the opportunity to display her artwork in The Bascom Gallery in 2019, and also been able to attend and sell her artwork at an art festival in her hometown in 2020. Anne’s work involves ripping and cutting images from magazines and books to create new thought-provoking pieces of work. Art is an outward expression of an inward idea.


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14″x11″; magazines, white paper, and glue; 2020
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