Liz Cohn

Lucky by Liz Cohn
12″x12″; assemblage; 2012

Liz Cohn
Portland, Oregon, USA


I strive for a minimal and non-objective feel to my work. Shape, colour, line and harmony mean more to me than a narrative. I love the moment when I feel that little electric jolt that tells me to stop exactly there; one more addition and it falls out of balance.


Oregon artist Liz Cohn has been making and exhibiting her works in collage, painting and assemblage for over 25 years. Liz is also the creator of the mail art project “Playing with a Full Deck” which saw the collaboration between 249 artists who made over 2071 original works of art on playing cards.


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Tangled Robins by Liz Cohn
Tangled Robins
18″x14″; assemblage; 2014

Head Case by Liz Cohn
Head Case
24″x14′; found objects; 2014