Marian Williams

Super Woman by Marian Williams
Super Woman
27.6″x19.7″; Paper, oil and acrylic; 2014

Marian Williams
Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France


Of all forms of art, Marian prefers to express herself through collage; paper and printed material being her true passion. Using only authentic photos and illustrations from vintage and modern magazines and books, she creates dynamic, striking, colourful collages.

The collages are analog compositions of original illustrations from books and magazines dating from 1900 till today. The works, influenced by pop art, surrealism and animamix, show originality and freshness, in which classical art, retro chic and kitsch are combined in a challenging way.

Marian has approached collage from different angles and styles and has taken the challenge to produce collage on big format and as mosaics. Her story telling is expressed in various ways, sometimes minimalist sometimes loaded.

The early compositions are created with exclusively paper, later combined with both acrylic and oil paint. Printed material is cut, ripped or torn and sometimes only used for the ink print.

“As long as I can remember I’ve been collecting images to cut and paste. I love to work with vintage magazines which reflect the history of daily life. Collage for me is storytelling: transforming images that are charged with concepts and ideas into new compositions. I try to create harmony and movement in each work playing with space, light, colour and a sense of humour.”


Marian Williams, born in Rotterdam in 1962, lives and works in France.

Although art is all around within the family, Marian chooses to take various detours in life to finally arrive at her true passion.

After studying physical education and physiology, she specialized in management of sport events. A career that continued after arriving in France in 1987, as managing director of a New York-based design company, servicing television and film companies.

Her passion for art, graphics and images never left her and in 2010 she definitely turned towards collage, painting and sculpting. Since then, her work has been on show in France, England, Italy, the Netherlands and in the USA.


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Family Car by Marian Williams
Family Car
23.6″x23.6″; Paper and acrylic; 2013

Mixed Emotions by Marian Williams
Mixed Emotions
15.7″x15.7″; paper and acrylic; 2013

Twogether by Marian Williams
31.5″x31.5″; Paper and acrylic; 2014

Street Scenes by Marian Williams
Street Scenes (detail of a mosaic of 9 collages, each 11.8″x11.8″)
11.8″x11.8″; paper and acrylic; 2014