LucyJulia Hale

Southern Girls Initiation
5″x3″; altered found photograph, paper collage, pen; 2018

LucyJulia Hale
Cave Spring, Georgia, USA


I am drawn
to see into and add new witnesses
to mass-produced images and found photographs
of where we have lived
with secrets
inside, outside, and between the walls
that are our shared architectural bodies–
built to shelter but also to shape and contain us.


Lucy Julia Hale is a Georgia visual artist, social activist, and career development expert. In these roles, she serves as a passionate agent supporting the dignity and well-being of vulnerable populations, which, unfortunately, now include all creatures on earth. Her own dignity and well-being are supported by a beloved menagerie of dogs and cats.

Over thirty of her collages have been selected in national juried exhibitions. Her work has been published in The Chattahoochee Review, Metadada: The International Journal of Dada Mining, and Hand Magazine. She received the Reece Museum Award from the 2017 Fl3tch3r Exhibition: Social and Politically Engaged Art, and the Jurors’ Award from the 2018 10x10x10xTieton Exhibition.

Member of The National Collage Society (Signature Member), Georgia Women’s Caucus for the Arts, Georgia WCA Arts + Activism Task Force, Alabama Women’s Caucus for the Arts, Athica, Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts, Alabama Women’s March.

Lucy Julia Hale has a B. S. in Art Education and an M. S. and Ed. S. in Counseling and Educational Psychology.


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War Bonnets: Never Out of Style for Long
10″x8″; found images, anatomical transparency, pen, pencil; 2016

When Mother Was a Bird, the Feminine Were Fair Game
7″x9″; found photograph, magazine and book images, pen, pencil; 2016

When Mother Was a Fish, the Feminine Were Fair Game
6″x8″; found images, pen, pencil; 2017

Women Still Climbing Old Walls for a Place to Practice
7″x10″; found images, pen, pencil; 2016