Marissa Anne Ayala

Earth Invaders
13″x11″; paper, photographs, magazines, glue; 2016

Marissa Anne Ayala
Astoria, New York, USA


Art is the way one moves through the world. In this work, I deconstruct my experience of New York City through photographs, art prints, found objects, and combine language with images to reconstruct the city that is ever changing and evolving. The collage is an exploration of how one encounters the urban landscape, the imagination, and the dream-like way our minds work through relationships, architecture, and find meaning in place(s).


Marissa Anne Ayala is a writer and artist based in New York City. She received her BA from Naropa University and an MFA from The New School. Her collaborative project Inside/Outside: a Map of Self and Place was featured in Handwritten and exhibited at Pen & Brush gallery in Manhattan. She designed and taught creative writing workshops at The Battery Conservancy and Pen and Brush Gallery. Her poetry has been published in Connotation Press and she will attend The Home School Conference in 2017 to continue her off-line multi-media project Chromaticity: On Language & Colour. You can find her on Twitter @MarissaAAyala.


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City of Rhythm
13″x11″; paper, photographs, magazines, glue; 2016

On Being Human
13″x11″; paper, photographs, magazines, glue; 2016

13″x11″; paper, photographs, magazines, glue; 2016