Enric Chalaux

Astral Shelter

Enric Chalaux
Lyon, France


My preferred technique is collage. I enjoy collecting a variety of vintage and modern magazines, engravings and rare pictures. I paint and draw, as well. Inspiration for my work comes ranges from Beatnik, Surrealist, Dadaist and Gothic literature to psychedelia, folk and experimental music.


I am an illustrator, graphic designer and musician. I studied graphic design at Escola Massana and La Llotja, two of the best known art schools in Barcelona, Spain. I have been working as a freelance designer and illustrator since 2008 using many creative techniques and materials, always exploring and thinking in a new world of dreams. Always fascinated by Victorian engravings, sacred symbols and cinematic photograms, I experiment in mixing different dimensions of life.

I recently opened two shops on Etsy. I design my own line of T-shirts using Coreldawn and I print them myself via screen printing. At the moment, I’m finishing a new series of illustrations based on synthesized, abstract and spiritual forms. Apart from that, I am musician and a composer. I either founded, co-founded or formed part of several Spanish and French bands, such as Stay, Aleppo Pine, Stereoscope Jerk Explosion and Magma Malone. Thanks for having a look!


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