Saskia van Kampen

Head Size 22
10″x8″; paper, acrylic gel medium, ink and polyurethane on wooden panel; 2016

Saskia van Kampen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Cutting, typing, gluing, sewing…The work that I create is deeply rooted in graphic design techniques-—both contemporary and those that pre-date digital processes—-as well as handcraft processes, and is supported by my scholarship on intuitive responses in creativity and the pedagogies of practice-based art and design courses. I incorporate my knowledge of the rhetoric of commercial design into my personal work, scholarship, and pedagogy. My creative process involves the curation of pieces from my collections of paper, found objects, and ready-mades into compositions using various techniques that include graphic design paste-up, drawing, printmaking, typography, and sewing in order to design collages that expose or call into question issues concerning gender, consumption, and creative processes.


Saskia van Kampen (MDes, RGD, AIGA) is an artist, designer and professor in the faculty of design at OCAD University in Toronto. Her personal design projects focus on the intersection of design and craft, and involve a cross-pollination between various disciplines including painting, printmaking, typography, sewing and digital media. Her recent works use stitching to explore different techniques of disrupting design conventions, and to inform the practice-based approach of her teaching methodology. Her research focuses on the beginning design student and includes methods for nurturing intuition, tacit knowledge and reflective practice, writing in the studio, and creative iterative processes.


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36″x24″; packaging, thread, plastic; 2014

Molt: Beliefs
paper, lace, thread, PH natural adhesive; 2015

Queen Bee
14″x11″; paper, acrylic, polyurethane; 2016

Slough: Friends
42″x13.5″; paper, thread, PH natural adhesive; 2016