Meganelizabeth Diamond

me too, let’s canoe
10″x8″; found images; 2017

Meganelizabeth Diamond
Camp Morton, Manitoba, Canada


Meganelizabeth’s practise utilizes both the analog and the digital in alternative modes of image capturing. Drawn to tactile processes and always aware of her photographic roots, her work uses both found images and self created images from a personal junk-drawer archive she pulls from. Her collage work often results in day-dreamy fantasy places that celebrate shape and texture of the natural world.


Meganelizabeth Diamond is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist, programmer and facilitator from rural Manitoba, currently based out of Camp Morton, Manitoba. Diamond primarily uses outdated lensbased equipment to deconstruct and re-build images while experimenting with both analog and digital forms of image-making, collaging and film-making. She co-directs and programs the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and is a collective member of Open City Cinema. Her work has shown in artist run centres and at festivals across Canada and the United States. She most recently has performed and toured with Light Terrors, an expanded cinema and audio-visual collective. Meganelizabeth runs workshops utilizing the darkroom facilities through PLATFORM photographic centre + digital arts and sits on their board of directors.


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10″x8″; found images; 2016
are we underwater or is it just us here?
10″x8″; found images; 2019
last time we did this it went more smoothly
10″x8″; found images; 2019
meet me at the quarries
10″x8″; found images; 2019