Cheryl Chudyk

14″x11″; vintage magazine page; 2018

Cheryl Chudyk
Seattle, Washington, USA


For many years I deconstructed everyday images into playful di- or tri-chromatic works with functional textiles. I tackled everything from flora and fauna to mammalian reproduction with scissors and vinyl. I have always been heavily influenced by bold, punchy colours and retro memorabilia. I am currently fascinated by the possibilities within a single image, and how shifting just one or two elements can create a socially uncomfortable narrative. My collage series, “Sinister”, showcases these self-reflexive collages, which play with body language and intent to leave the viewer with a complex sense of negative space (pun intended).


Cheryl Chudyk is a Canadian artist currently based out of Seattle. She has a background in wedding photography, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Her collage work has been published in issues 2 and 3 of Cut Me Up Magazine, and she is always looking to make collaborative pieces with other artists.


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8″x8″; hot press paper, tea stain, ink, vintage illustration; 2018
there, there
3″x3″; vintage magazines, shoebox cardboard; 2018