Nelson Lowhim

3000 pixels x 2400 pixels; digital; 2018

Nelson Lowhim
Seattle, Washington, USA


My artwork, to include collages, is there to build on narratives that will better describe our world and its experiences. I use both analog methods of collecting receipts, cutting out magazines and digital methods (from photo-joiners on) to better tell these stories of our lives. Many times I use both methods (make a collage by hand, then scan and manipulate it digitally, print, etc., etc.). This is an ever changing process as I look for new ways to speak and to tell stories.


Writer, Artist, & Veteran. I started out writing to speak to narratives that are not told in the mainstream. This has resulted in me now looking to the visual to better give a narrative (and collage has been a big part of this). I have Art in North American Review, So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, Artists Studios, DASH, 45th Parallel, Tayo Literary Magazine, Cold Mountain Review, Talking Writing, Sheepshead Review, Flyway Journal, and Havik.

Born in Tanzania, of Indian and Seychelles and Euro background. Lived in India for a year. At age 10, moved to the States (all over from the South to the West to the Midwest to the East to Alaska). Joined the Army (yes the US one) and deployed to a few places. I currently live in Seattle with my wife.


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Island Thinking
20″x20″; digital; 2019
Alaskan Remember?
18″x24″; film and digital
Graffiti in Italian
8000 pixels x 8000 pixels; digital
A Big Man in Italy
5400 pixels x 7200 pixels; analog to digital