Michael Deragon

Finding Things in Other People
22.5″x14.5″; antique paper, tape, charcoal, tape transfer, Japanese rice paper, charcoal, pencil; 2019

Michael Deragon
Ventura, California, USA


In my work I try to let the objects move always becoming something more than what they were when found when chosen when placed down. I am always trying to find a way into both myself and the world about.


M. Deragon is a collage artist/film composer/ambient music producer based in Los Angeles, California. His work is at once playful, dark and light, torn apart and precisely composed. Highly intrigued by the works of Max Ernst, Picasso, Joseph Cornell, Hannah Hoch among others.


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Enter from the “Anatomy” series
12″x9″; pencil, cotton, Ink, Pencil, Stamp, antique paper; 2022
22.25″x17″; dress stencil fabric, tape, pencil, antique paper, 1950s ad, charcoal, hairspray, acrylic; 2016
Anatomy I
13.1875″x9.5″; drywall tape, antique paper, antique book cover, tape, charcoal, pencil, ink, musical score (Bach), New York Times newsprint (1930s); 2016
Put Me to Sleep
14″x11″; Antique musical score (Handel), text book sketch, pencil, charcoal, construction paper, Max Ernst photocopy, tape, New York Times newsprint (1938); 2022