KD Granger

11″x11″; magazine paper on cardboard backing; 2020

KD Granger
Ellensburg, Washington, USA


My collage work is an ongoing exploration of how to use found objects (in this case, magazine pages) to create works of art that are thought-provoking, nostalgic, and/or humorous. Sometimes it is merely a color scheme that initially inspires me, while other times it is a theme (maritime, for example) that sets the project in motion. At the time of this writing, my most recent piece was inspired by the portrait works of Pablo Picasso, and the muse struck (as often happens) while I was engaged in some activity that requires very little thought.

I create hand-cut collages. In the case of The Eyes Have It, the basis of the work was not an image I had been consciously attracted to. However, when the thought of creating a Picasso-esque piece occurred to me, I couldn’t resist. I have to admit (being one who is easily amused) that I laughed frequently throughout the production time, but I was also surprised and delighted with how the seemingly simple addition of eyes to different areas of the background caused the illusion of “faces.”

As I continue my journey as an artist, I endeavor to explore new and new-to-me techniques (such as assemblage) as well as different sources of inspiration. I also hope to help viewers vicariously work through their feelings about all kinds of topics. But perhaps most importantly, I aspire to bring beauty, joy, and humor to a world that could really use it.


KD Granger is a Pacific Northwest Artist who enjoys creating in a variety of mediums and art forms (currently collage and mixed media). Ms. Granger’s fascination with all things maritime is often reflected in her subject matter. KD’s work has been shown publicly in Central Washington, including the Windows Alive! exhibit in Yakima. She holds Bachelors of Art degrees in Anthropology (Museum Studies) and Family and Consumer Science (Interior Design) from Central Washington University, and she studied Fine Art at Everett Community College.


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There’s No Place Like Home
11″x8.5″; magazine paper on art paper backing; 2022
The Eyes Have It
11″x9″; magazine paper on art paper backing; 2022
A Whale of a Tale
11″x14″; magazine paper on card stock backing; 2022
11″x11″; magazine paper on card stock backing; 2020