shandra stephenson

Spa Day
12″x9″; paper collage; 2021

shandra stephenson
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


Deeply inspired by Hannah Hoch and the feminism movement as it relates to art. I have found that paper collage connects me to my art in a way that has not been done through other mediums. The act of tearing pages out of a book or magazine, like an act of rebellion. Getting glue all over my desk and hands and feeling the different textures of paper while I sift through and pour the ideas in my head out into layered pieces. I use Collage as a political statement, a statement about history, present and future ideas and “ideals”. Growing up, I have always had a dark sense of humour and I like to include this in my work as a subtle satire, a sort of “laugh so you don’t cry” look into world events and issues. I want people to feel discomfort and also a sense of ease at the same time. I use images that I hand-source through local thrift and book shops, giving old things a new life was something I was taught growing up through up
cycling and thrift shopping with my family. I like to take things from the past that would be hidden away or thrown out or possibly just forgotten about and incorporate them with new, creating a familiar yet juxtaposed contradiction.


I am a collage, alcohol inks, and mixed media artist. My love for art started as a child and has taken many different forms along the years; for over 10 years I worked as a professional photographer, which taught me lots in terms of composition and working with people.

Over the last 5 years this has evolved into teaching art workshops and creating bodies of work that have been gallery shown and in multiple contests. I love using colour and abstract ideas to convey emotions and I especially love making pieces that leave the meaning open to the viewers interpretation.

My favourite hobby is thrifting, my mom would take me into our local stores as a child and I still have the same sense of awe now as an adult when I enter a thrift store. There is something so magical and exciting about not knowing what you will find each time.

It was in part due to these thrifting adventures that I discovered vintage magazines and old photo books which led me to the world of Collage!

I am now fully immersed by Collage and live and breathe it almost daily.

All of my pieces are made with vintage, hand-sourced images only. I do not take anything from online and print it. There is a certain art to the process of collage for me, sourcing the images and generating the idea is half the vision.

I have always loved thrifting because it teaches not only sustainability but also curiosity. I believe this comes through in my art and I am so glad to be giving these old and beautiful images a new life!


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Sunday Breeze
8″x8″; paper collage; 2022
The Gardener
14″x11″; paper collage; 2022
Palace Garden
9″x7″; paper collage; 2021
Handful of Rosies
12″x9″; paper collage; 2021