Mimi Shapiro

Art History Dreams
12″x9″; paper collage; 2020

Mimi Shapiro
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


Making art is a passion, a way of working and exploring the “what if” possibilities of collage. Sometimes I add paint or colored pencil or the challenge is black & white. I like to work in series, so everything has doors or windows or mirrors, images that I gravitate to, its all an ongoing process. Creativity is a life skill and I think its a big part of who I am. Tools include the exacto knife and gel medium, the light burning inside is how the page comes to life.


As times change and we are mostly digital nomads, Mimi Shapiro has been organizing her studio and trying to use images that she has already cut out. This collage artist likes to set parameters by adding one more challenge to creating art. Shapiro mostly working in notebooks in a variety of sizes, one is a publishers mockup of 900 pages and playing with this freedom, giving herself permission to take more chances. Altered books and more ideas keep spinning as there is more studio time, artists make art because this is what they do. Shapiro works in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA, and since we are not able to travel freely, waiting for that day once again. She took part in quite a few online exhibitions, some with themes, some just open calls.

This year Shapiro won a Gold Award from the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection and Archive, Finding Joy in the Smallest of Things. Her work was also included in ARTisStart, BookArts Archive, The Netherlands Invitational 2020 permanent collection as well as Femina, The Other Mother, Millersville University Ware Center March 2020 and UMPC Great Lakes Physicians Alliance, Invitational for Healthcare & Diseases, March to December 2020.


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Blue Moon
10″x10′; paper collage on wood panel; 2020
Memory of Landscape
10″x11″; paper collage; 2020
Lace Sky Dream
10″x10″; paper collage on wood panel; 2020
The Writer
12″x12″; paper collage; 2020