Mimi Shapiro

Obsolete (altered book)
10″x10″; 28 pages; collage, mixed media, drawing over found object (floppy disc); 2017

Mimi Shapiro
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


Art is always a blend of memory and imagination one more unique way of looking at the world, a curious blend of self-expression and seeing, really seeing the world in a new way. So the process of creating collages is an extension of an imaginary journey, that adds another dimension to these travels These have been an amazing few years – and yes ! because I like making art ! I have been creating many altered books, its sort of an addiction – but in a good way. I work in series and page after page in altering a book just feeds that. Finding images and saving them is a part of the creative process, glue and ideas always help to spin the whole thing into something new.


Most aptly described as a visual poet, Mimi Shapiro mixes trinkets and treasures, words and images, into a powerfully evocative body of work. Each piece conveys a sense of time and place as seen through the mind’s eye of memory, combining reality and fantasy to create an amazingly cohesive vision. Collage creates deeply connected artistic expressions that are accessible and immediate, while allowing interpretation to the viewers imagination. Creativity always requires something new–a break from the twin opiates of habit and cliché. Mimi’s altered books are different riffs on familiar human themes, collage and mixed media is the perfect choice for this exploration, and next some zines…which sound exciting.

Mimi’s works are included in many notable collections both in the United States and internationally. Currently, Mimi lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania having lived in many different places.


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Obsolete page spread
Obsolete page spread
Obsolete page spread