Peter Manschot

Musical Eclipse
17″x11″; photocollage; 2023

Peter Manschot
Novi, Michigan, USA


The images that you might see on my Instagram site are an evolving body of new works that began in November of 2018. At that time I was working on color shapes and abstract compositions. The common base for most were experiments made over 30 years ago using a copier as a camera. That copier used a powder toner and when a print was produced (one color at a time) it was run through a heat roller that “fused” the powder toner into the paper. I discovered 30 years later that the colors had not changed and were quite “Archival”! I started with random cut painted shapes that were then glued to this 8.5″x11″ paper image (experiments) base to make shaped abstract images.

These evolved first into abstract color designs, creatures, and lately storied images (the first and second years of work), and then some evolved into landscape and photo abstraction as their base. References to real artists (for example Magritte) entered the works and a series, called the “Lost Lady” series, has grown stronger over the last 2-3 years. My images have become more realistic by using my own photographs as an image foundation and have become more Surreal to expand my visual pallet.

Thus, I have produced over 380 images in this new body of images in the last 5+ years using the collage technique.


Peter Manschot is currently an Analog Photo Copier Collage Artist. His BFA from Michigan State University (1971) and his MFA in Photography from the Cranbrook Academy of Art (1982) helped him in his educational career as an art teacher for 39 years teaching every grade and college in that span. Manschot’s current body of work uses a variety of collage techniques, photography, and other media to create unique and Surreal realities and abstractions. Lately, many of his works start as photographs that he takes and evolve into more complex visions. He has been creating art most of his life as it is part of his inner CORE that keeps coming out when an image in his mind moves him.


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Observation of the Arrival and Escape
11″x17″; mixed media collage; 2023
Sonic Resonance
17″x11″; copier and photo mixed media collage; 2023
History Mystery
22″x11″; photo collage; 2023
Hope Floats
11″x17″; photocopier collage; 2023