Nina Fraser

20.5″x10.6″x5″; cut shopping bag, acrylic; 2017

Nina Fraser
Lisbon, Portugal


My work arises from an attempt to understand the contradictions in our exterior world through the physical act of arrangement and material investigation. Attracted to inexpensive and throwaway materials; paper, magazines, household DIY materials and plastic bags, I seek the value they hold through their intrinsic lack of value, as well as their pliability and immediacy, and their insistent grounding in a time-place, through association of text, image or material properties.


Artist Nina Fraser (St. Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, 1984), gained a first class degree hons BA Textile Art at Winchester College of Art, Hampshire, United Kingdom in 2006. It was from this material investigation that she eventually found herself working with paper. She creates two and three dimensional work surrounding themes of landscape, identity, memory and our relationship with the external environment. She emigrated to Portugal in 2014, becoming a resident artist at MArt (space for projects, learning and experimentation) in Lisbon from 2015 to 2017. She has exhibited in collective and solo exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Berlin, Australia, Poland and USA. Her collages have been selected for publication in USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. She was one of the selected entries for the Evolver prize in 2017 (United Kingdom).


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Rocks V
8.7″x7.5″; handcut collage; 2017

Rocks VI
9.4″x6″; handcut collage; 2017

National Geographic
11.8″x11.8″; magazine; 2017

9.4″x14.2″; magazine; 2017