Nina Fraser

Throwing Dreams Into Space
22″x17.9″x0.75″; collage, painted wood; 2020

Nina Fraser
Lisbon, Portugal


Utilizing landscape as a wide-ranging thematic reference point, my work combines painting, collage and assemblage to create hybrid entities, questioning the notion of memory, identity and place. Arising from an attempt to understand the contradictions between the interior being and the exterior world, the collage process acts as a cathartic release, harnessing an analog approach through the physicality of cutting and tearing. Enabling found material to dictate the shape and form of the final artistic outcome, the perceived dialectic between human control and chance is challenged, creating an impression of balance and harmony from a register of heterogeneous images. Through the process of acquisition and elimination I explore cycles, both in nature and in artistic methodology, encouraging me to develop mechanisms of working that emphasize recycling as an act of regeneration.


Nina Fraser is a British multidisciplinary artist combining paint, collage and sculpture through a theatrical approach to paper as both a substrate and a construction material. Arising from an attempt to understand the contradictions between the interior being and the exterior world, Nina’s work utilizes found imagery and objects from her surroundings to disrupt visual narrative, questioning notions of memory, identity and place.

She exhibits nationally and internationally, with work represented in Portuguese public collections including Coleção Figueiredo Ribeiro, Coleção Grupo IMPRESSA, Casa das Artes de Tavira, Centro de Documentação, and MUTE gallery, as well as private collections across the globe. Her collages have been featured in magazines and books in USA, Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal, including; Collage by Women, 50 Essential Contemporary Artists edited by Promopress, in 2019. She has taught art courses and workshops at Southampton University, St. Dominic’s International School and Maison du Peuple de Saint-Gilles. Nina is an active member of Atelier Concorde, an artists’ studio collective association in Lisbon, Portugal, where she lives and works.


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Tales of Turbulence and Tulips
51″x69″x1″; magazine collage; 2020
Disconnected Events
30″x23.6″; shop poster collage; 2019
Taxis Derma
6.30″x13.75″x13.75″; magazine, beeswax, polystyrene, acrylic filler, light; 2019
We Ate The Birds
44″x118″; acrylic ink & collage; 2019