Nina Fraser

Found Landscape IV
6″x14″; magazine spine; 2019
Photo by AL&K Photography

Nina Fraser
Lisbon, Portugal


Collage, for me, is a channel of negotiation in the modern world, synthesizing diverse media to present a unified voice that aligns artistic process with the complexity of modern living. Arising from an attempt to understand the contradictions between the interior being and the exterior world, my work acts as a cathartic release, harnessing an analog approach through the physicality of cutting and tearing. Enabling found material to dictate the shape and form of the final artistic outcome, the perceived dialectic between human control and chance is challenged, creating an impression of balance and harmony from a register of heterogeneous images.


Artist Nina Fraser (St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, 1984), gained a first class degree hons BA Textile Art at Winchester College of Art, Hampshire, UK in 2006. It was from this material investigation that she eventually found herself working with paper. She creates two and three dimensional work surrounding themes of landscape, identity, memory and our relationship with our external environment. She emigrated to Portugal in 2014, becoming a resident artist at MArt (space for projects, learning and experimentation) in Lisbon from 2015 – 2017.

Most recent achievements include: “Taxis Derma” at National Museum of Natural History & Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal (2019); “Sublime” at MUTE Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (2019); “Qual Paisagem” at Livraria Sá da Costa Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (2019); and “BODY and PLACE”, juried drawing residency, Owlpen Manor, Gloucestershire, UK (2019). She has participated in collective international exhibitions in UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Ireland, Belgium, and USA. Her work is included in the Colecção Figueiredo Ribeiro (Portugal), MUTE gallery (Portugal), Centro de Documentação (Portugal), the Brooklyn Art Library (USA) and in private collections worldwide. Her collages have been featured in magazines and books in USA, Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal, including, most recently; “Collage by Women, 50 Essential Contemporary Artists” edited by Promopress, in 2019.


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Starling V
11″x8″; indian ink, collage; 2019
Transcendental Whiter Smile
38″x30″; collage, glass, wax; 2018
Photo by Alexandre Ramos
38″x34″; collage, glass, wax; 2018
Photo by Alexandre Ramos
The Garden (A Manifold of Micro-creative Acts)
10 panels 39″x28″; mixed media collage; 2019
Photo by Alexandre Ramos