Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough

20″x11″; fabric, ink; 2023

Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough
Mobile, Alabama, USA


My work is designed to elicit delight in visual forms. Humor is especially important in my work as well. I am attracted to a kind of hyper aggressive, yet femme, beauty. I utilize a variety of images to communicate my thoughts, but I let them land randomly. Narrative is not my goal, instead I push for a personal reading of each work, done by the individual viewer.

Topics include but are not limited to nature, especially the flora and fauna of the American south, climate as destiny, female archetypes, pattern, repetition, the ancient world as perceived by the modern world, and on and on.


Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough works in collage, painting, and installation. She is a graduate of Auburn University, the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and has done post graduate work at IDSVA, Penland School, and Brown University.

Her work is in public and private collections in the USA, Japan, India, Cyprus, and Bahrain. Works are included in the collection of OWN, NBC, the Blount Collection, and Balch and Bingham. She has worked in surface design, product design, and illustration as well.


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Lotus Pods
31″x16″; cut paper, ink, colored pencil, graphite
12″x8″; cut paper, paint, colored pencil, relief print
Queen V
24″x18″; cut paper, book page, colored paper, paint