Fliss Quick

8″x11″; paper collage; 2023

Fliss Quick
Powys, Wales, United Kingdom


My practice centres around an interest in people and their idiosyncrasies, social and constructed narratives, and the everyday. My work is crossdisciplinary, concept-led, and draws on the narrative ability of objects and materials. My practice could be described as something akin to a Method Artist: I often make in character, using tools, materials, and settings fitting to the person I am working through. Collage has always been a part of my practice as a thinking tool and is implicitly present in my work’s ad-hoc
aesthetic. However, collage is now becoming more central to my practice through my current character, a housewife of a certain age, who is cutting up baking, recipe and interior books (which she has held onto since the 70s and 80s) and is making collages. In making these collages, I am not seeking to make something finished or polished; rather, through this making, I am gaining a deeper understanding of who she is and her motivations.

Humour plays a significant role in my work. I seek out the unexpected and use it to encourage the viewer to question social norms and expectations. I hope that when people view my work, they experience a shift of perspective or a moment of play or at least find what I make funny, or odd, or joyful.


Fliss Quick (b.1978, Sheffield, United Kingdom) is a cross-disciplinary artist whose works range from site-specific and ephemeral actions to print, sound and installation: Works which blur the distinction between fact and fiction. She currently lives with her family in Powys, Mid Wales. When she’s not washing up, on the school run, or in the studio, she moonlights as a visiting lecturer and as a Relational Dynamics coach.

Fliss has exhibited internationally and completed residencies in Malaysia, Canada, Coventry and Birmingham. She received the Mary E. Hofstetter Legacy Award for Visual Arts in 2015.


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Icing Patchwork
8″x11″; paper collage; 2023
Zombie Tractor (Rose archive)
performance; 2014
Unofficial George Town Arts Festival Opening Ceremony
performance; 2015
11″x8″; paper collage; 2023