Pierre-Richard Robitaille

La foule
12″x18″; mixed media on Masonite; 2021

Pierre-Richard Robitaille
Varennes, Quebec, Canada


The semantics of chaos, the abyss of the senses, dehumanizes to blend in all directions, without a specific goal. Irregular shapes placed at the speed of ideas, like an intense whirlpool, take place in total confusion, where they mix, without restraint, the words and images that are stripped of their usual meaning and their identity. The abstract, where forms, scraps and rejects of all kinds are placed randomly on a variety of supports. To define oneself following a glance at another, to spy on their gestures, to weigh them, reject them or integrate them into one’s identity. The figurative, where the characters in the scene scrutinize you or even ignore you; it does not matter, they observe you as much as you observe them. Beware, they even have the audacity to infiltrate your meandering thoughts.

To look without seeing. To be sucked in by the reflection of one’s own image, gaping at a world in tumult where everything scrolls endlessly to the rhythm of the metronome of time. To be frozen in the fixed look of those who parade past us, each and every one of them sitting on the merry-go-round of life, withdrawn into their thoughts.

The thought that all rules dictated by man no longer exist. To disregard our own structures born of all these social conventions, even if only for a moment, and create emptiness within ourselves and vibrate with infinite possibilities.

A crazy world, a world of crazy people, that is the title of the exhibition Robitalle proposes. It includes a figurative part and an abstract part, where these two universes meet, creating a surprising and invigorating encounter!


A native of Lévis and a child of the Quiet Revolution, Pierre-Richard Robitaille works in the greater Montreal area and lives in Varennes.

An atypical course of study in arts and letters and in architecture allowed Robitaille to hold different positions in architecture and design firms in Quebec City and Montreal before taking a three-year sabbatical to perfect his training in interior architecture and furniture design at the l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris.

At the same time, he took up silkscreen, engraving and photography. Inspired by the poster makers of the Paris Metro, the idea of collage gradually took shape. It was only a few years later when he focused on the exploration of the collage technique with a variety of media. Upon his return to Quebec, fortified by his experience and his new skills, he joined the Fruits & Passion company as the design and branding director. His work has taken him to the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Influenced by various artistic trends, especially the Dadaists and Automatists, his creative work is spontaneous, accentuated by the juxtaposition of shapes and images arranged in order or disorder. Enriched by human and cultural experiences, the art of collage has become more and more tangible in his daily life as a mode of expression.

To differentiate his professional work from his passion for the art of collage, he signs his works “Monk”.


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Le secret
9″x11″; mixed media on book cover; 2020
Pensée multiples
12″x9″; collage, oil paint, and pastel on panel; 2020
Discours de formes
18″x15″; mixed media on canvas board; 2021
Le serpent
7″x13″; mixed media on book cover; 2021