Matt Greenwell

A Large Grinding Stone
11.75″x9″; cut paper; 2022

Matt Greenwell
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA


Knowledge is manifested through the visual rhetoric of the encyclopedic, the scientific, the historic, and the anthropologic—generating a like-ness of the world in order to render it sensible. Dislodged from its context, the destabilized image becomes something more like a pure idea. Derrida’s “pure-logos”. An inherently unstable truth. As I (re)assemble these images, I’m reaching for a moment that allows for the irreducible sign to slip back into meaning.


Matt Greenwell lives and works in the Southeastern United States where he teaches graphic design at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Matt is also a founding member of Chattanooga’s “The Open Press” a letterpress and printmaking studio where Matt produces limited-edition works on paper. Matt works as a collaborative partner with Chattanooga-based design studio Widgets and Stone and has had works published in Print Magazine, AIGA’s Design Issues, Allworth, and Rockport Press.


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11.5″x9″; cut paper; 2022
Macchu Picchu
11.5″x9″; cut paper; 2022
Retrograde Motion
12″x9″; cut paper; 2022
Joseph and Lutetia
9.5″x12.5″; digital; 2022