Miranda Maher

from “Visions Obscure My Visions”, a series of ten
each: 13″ diameter; historical maps of the moon, ink painting, Indian marble paper; 2021

Miranda Maher
Brooklyn, New York, USA


My work begins with discrepancies, mistakes or even lies. I’ve dug into our self-deceptions about warfare and sexual violence; unpacked cultural delusions about femininity and explored our narcissism in relating to animals and nature. Lately, I’ve pared down to ink on paper and the exquisite moment of making a mark…combining it with things older or bigger than my moment by restraining the ink in gilding, or by combining it with astronomical diagrams or 19th century photographs. I continue to explore human violence and delusion, but after working with that darkness for 25 years, it feels better when contained in book forms.

I work in series, components or other repetitions. For me it is not possible to make one thing that expresses my thoughts and feelings around an idea: I consider my series as single projects; I create installations of 10, 100 or 1000 components; in my recent ink work, making marks on many pages is a way of understanding consciousness and awareness and a moment in time…of the passage of time.


Miranda Maher has exhibited extensively, including Wave Hill, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, White Columns, Drawing Center, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery and Pierogi’s Flat Files. She has also exhibited at Kunstbunker (Nuremberg), Spaces (Cleveland), CEPA (Buffalo), Artetica (Rome), Yatoo (S. Korea), Staub (g*fzk!) (Zurich), Milwaukee Art Museum, Bronx Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum of Art. Along with her exhibition work, she has editioned more than 10 artist’s books, distributed by Printed Matter (New York) and is in the collections of Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), Boston Museum, and Brooklyn Museum.


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from “Velocity of My Dreams”, a series of twelve (four with each background paper)
each: 9″x12″; ink on various Japanese papers; 2021
from “Birds Are Missing”, a series of nine
each: 9″ diameter; photo on watercolor paper, Indian marble paper, ink painting; 2022
Life Underground Pandemic Drawing
11″x30″; ink, mouse bones (from owl pellets), and marker on antique Indian ledger paper; 2020
Infestation 1
22″x30″; ink and Audubon images of American predatory birds; 2022