JoAnne Lobotsky

You Probably Still Believe
30″x22″; acrylic, pencil, charcoal oil pencil, book pages, letter on heavyweight watercolor paper; 2021

JoAnne Lobotsky
Bronx, New York, USA


My work is characterized by textured, layered, curved or torn paper. There are three bodies of work that sometimes overlap: collaged paper on the standard rectangle, paper collaged into unusual shapes and three dimensional collage. The texture in my work is built with different materials including acrylic paint–often along with various textured gel mediums, layers of paper including textured paper, Japanese, Indian and African papers, corrugated cardboard, paper mache, sand and other materials. The final result is process-driven through my response to materials as they are used. Imperfection, abjectness and roughness coinciding with beauty and a kind of humble elegance are my main goals. Of importance is the physicality of the work without reference to illusory space. Nature and decay are my biggest sources of inspiration for shape, color and texture.


JoAnne Lobotsky has been a practicing artist in New York City for over three decades. She studied sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in New York City with Alice Aycock, Judy Pfaff and Elizabeth Murray, where she graduated with a BFA cum laude. She also studied printmaking at the University of Colorado at Boulder and painting at the Art Students League of New York. In the recent past, she has had two solo shows and won several prizes in group shows for her work. She grew up on a farm in Rhinebeck, New York, lived in Boulder, Colorado, and currently resides in the Bronx in New York City.


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After the Experiment
30″x22″; acrylic, acrylic coarse alumina, quartz sand, various papers, encyclopedia pages, letter on heavyweight watercolor paper; 2022
Intro to Psychology
32″x32″; acrylic, pumice, quartz sand, encyclopedia pages, book pages on layered heavyweight watercolor paper; 2022
33″x33″; acrylic, cardboard, pumice, encyclopedia pages, egg shells, antique fringe, paper mache, pencil on layered heavyweight watercolor paper; 2021
Many Sides, Same Story
13.5″x10″x11″; acrylic, micaceous iron oxide, quartz sand on heavyweight watercolor paper; 2021