JoAnne Lobotsky

Already Home
12″x9.5″; acrylic, vintage photo, micaceous iron oxide acrylic, watercolor paper, other papers, mulberry bark, cardboard, lace, copper brads, burlap; 2020

JoAnne Lobotsky
Bronx, New York, USA


My paper collage work is created and prompted by the materials, techniques and processes I have developed rather than by a preconceived plan. I am passionate about texture and layers of surface and sometimes employ unconventional materials, such as faux fur or rust. I enjoy the surprise of using such materials. Imperfection, abjectness and roughness coinciding with beauty and a kind of humble elegance are my main goals. Nature is often my reference and is my biggest source of inspiration for shape, color and texture. I think of nature as being “blind”, as in lacking our sense of vision, so the individual work grows in a more haptic, visceral way as I work on it. Three-dimensionality has become a natural outgrowth from the texture in other works. My work also, in the manner of construction and materials, feels to me like a rebellion against our class system and economic entitlement and strives to become accepted on its own terms within its own limitations. In this way, art-making becomes, for me, a transcendence of personal history.


Lobotsky won the Grand Prize of a solo show at the Drawn to Paper Exhibition at Atlantic Gallery in NYC in 2021. She also won 2nd Place Award in the 7th Annual Juried Show “Multiplicity- Psyche, Culture and Change” in 2020, Loft Artists Association, in Stamford, Connecticut. She had a solo show in 2019 at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY.

JoAnne Lobotsky has been a practicing artist in New York City for over three decades. Lobotsky studied sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in New York City with Alice Aycock, Judy Pfaff and Elizabeth Murray, where she graduated with a BFA cum laude. She also studied printmaking at the University of Colorado at Boulder and painting at the Art Students League of New York. Lobotsky draws on this diverse background to inspire and inform her artistic experimentation. She grew up in Rhinebeck, NY, lived in Boulder, CO and currently resides in the Bronx.


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22.5″x18″; acrylic, walnut ink, conte crayon, mica, cardboard, various papers, vintage pages from books, pencil, permanent marker on watercolor paper; 2020
20″x16″; various handmade papers, cardboard, pages from vintage encyclopedia, acrylic, pencil; 2020
29″x21″x5″; various handmade papers, bark, velvet, fringe, vintage book pages; 2020
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
22″x30″; fluid acrylic, walnut ink, traditional Chinese ink, various handmade papers, vintage book pages and a letter on WN watercolor paper; 2020