Rachel Derum

13″x17.7″; paper collage; 2017

Rachel Derum
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I am always looking; seeking to discover a lonely or forgotten figure that I can trace with my blade and resurrect. For me, making collage echoes a kind of metamorphosis, enabling the emergence of a new order of things. Through a cyclical process of gleaning images, hand cutting, layering and rearranging, my work is bound to a process of

The act of creating collage inspires me to form worlds, realities and relationships illusory, evocative and at times surreal. I hope that within these images people may find their own meaning, recognize or resonate with something uniquely personal. This is the intangible space I hope to explore without seeking to control or define–the beautiful, abstract space between artwork and viewer.


Rachel Derum is an analogue collage artist from Melbourne, Australia. Using imagery from both vintage and contemporary source material Rachel explores themes of identity, perception and consciousness through her surreal, figurative compositions. With her focus on a single figure and carefully considered surrounding imagery, Rachel creates a distinctively minimal and powerful aesthetic. Enigmatic and beautiful, her works lead us through the dreamlike, the otherworldly, to poignantly express the infinite depths of the human condition. Their lingering resonance is at once deeply mysterious and powerfully revealing.

Rachel has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne and has been included in group exhibitions throughout Australia and in New York, London, Barcelona, Moscow, Norway, Madrid and Edinburgh.


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17.7″x15″; paper collage; 2016

20.5″x17.3″; paper collage; 2018

Ocean and Crow
20.5″x18″; paper collage; 2017

13″x17.7″; paper collage; 2015