Rhonda Barrett

Women and Diamonds
9″x7″; newspaper on canvas board; 2016

Rhonda Barrett
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


I read the newspaper each day and it becomes overwhelming to read the stories of negativity. I take my anxiety and angst out on the news by tearing it up and rearranging the pieces into portraits, landscapes or ironic artworks that tell the stories better than black-and-white text. I paint with paper; a clean image with little indication of the stories it was torn from emerges. It helps me to process the stories and images. At times, I use the newspaper columns as background for an image that I feel sums up the situation. My way of editing the world.


I am an artist based out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, learning everyday about the world of collage through informal training and developing an eye for the possibility held in newsprint. I was a finalist in the Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards in 2016 and looking forward to creating a diverse collection of pieces in 2017. Currently, my work is in private collections in both Canada and the US. Commercial use of my art is increasing and this is a trend I am enjoying.


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Witchy Woman
8″x6″; newspaper on canvas board; 2016

The Big Print Giveth
16″x16″; newspaper on canvas; 2016

Bob Dylan
16″x12″; newspaper on canvas; 2016