Sean F’n Gammon

Lack of Vision
books, cigarette packaging; 2018

Sean F’n Gammon
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


I like to switch back and forth between black-and-white and colour collages. I like to make what I consider to be surreal collages. I sometimes get a little political. I enjoy incorporating advertisements or junk mail into my work.


Hi! I’m Sean F’n Gammon and I started making collages seriously around 2010. I caught the bug from punk rock album covers and show flyers. I’m very influenced by music and movies. I mostly use old books, magazines, and junk mail to create my collages. I also enjoy making digital collages and I’m a street/sticker artist, frequently turning my collages into stickers. I’ve been in many local and international art shows and  magazines/publications, and Kolaj turned one of my collages into a trading card. In 2018, I started doing online art shows across my various social media platforms. At the time of this writing, I’ve had five online art shows. They seem to occur every couple months. In 2019, Puddles Of Sky Press will be turning several collages into limited edition post cards. If you want to contact me to be part of your show or publication, go right ahead. Please do not contact me if you expect me to pay any submission fees or shipping fees.


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Big Trouble in Little Jyna
North Korean publication, junk mail; 2018

old book; 2018

Just Ignore It
old book; 2018

Don’t Let Them Out
old books, magazines