Sherry Parker

Roadrunner incognito
10.5″x8″; mixed media collage; 2018

Sherry Parker
Corte Madera, California, USA


Sherry Parker has been working in the collage medium since 1987 and has exhibited extensively in galleries across the United States. Tragically, in October 2017, her home, studio, and all of her work was destroyed in the California wild fires. Grateful for the generosity of artist friends, she was able to accumulate tools and materials to create ten new collages that were exhibited at the Richmond Art Center in Richmond, California; DZINE in San Francisco; and, in November 2018, she was given a solo show at the Foley Gallery in New York City.

Parker is intrigued by CHANCE. In her words, “CHANCE is my muse. What excites me about this medium are the ideas that flow from chance: the serendipitous discovery of ‘found’ materials, the random (unconscious) selection process, the fortuitous mistakes, and the bringing together of disparate ephemera to begin the formation of order out of chaos.” Oxymoronically, she calls this process “orchestrated chance.”

Parker spent her business career in advertising and marketing research from which she retired in 2007 to pursue art full time. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles and a graduate degree in French from the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Unable to find new home in California after the great fire, she will start a new life in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2019. “Importantly, I have found a home there with large studio, just waiting to be filled with stuff!”

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11″x7.5″; mixed media collage; 2018

8.5″x5″; mixed media collage; 2018

Poet Laureate
9″x5.5″; mixed media collage; 2018

Night Mare
10″x7.5″; mixed media collage; 2018