Tara Cochrane

9.5″x8″; magazine collage on paper; 2022

Tara Cochrane
Portland, Oregon, USA


Art is my love language. It’s how I communicate with the world and make sense of my life. I make work about my experiences, observations and feelings. Everything from the most mundane to the most magical gets incorporated somehow, but I often feel particularly inspired by odd juxtapositions, moments of wonder, natural beauty, meaningful coincidences and dreams. I love using color to evoke mood and imagery to tell abstract tales. In my collage work I delight in deconstructing the remnants of popular culture and recombining them in the crucible of my imagination.


Tara Cochrane (tahr-ra cok-ren) is a Portland, Oregon-based visual artist. She is the creator of The Telezma Tarot (2021).

She graduated from Florida State University with a BFA in Studio Art and a minor in Art History.

Tara works mainly in the media of handmade (non digital) collage, acrylic painting, watercolor and pen drawing. She has also worked in metals, ceramics, block printing and photography.

Tara has exhibited her work in diverse locations throughout Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Oregon including Woolworth Walk Gallery in Asheville, New East Arts Gallery in Austin and Splendorporium Gallery in Portland.


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The Early 20s/Hard Times Time Ghost
10.5″x7.5″; magazine collage on paper; 2022
A New Look at an Old Devil
8″x5.5″; magazine collage on paper; 2021
11″x5.5″; magazine collage on paper; 2021
The World
10″x6″; magazine collage on paper; 2020