Steffen Durant

Immigration 2.0
10″x8″; paper; 2018

Steffen Durant
Berlin, Germany


To quote Jean-Michel Basquiat, “I never went to art school, I just looked at a lot of things, and that’s why I think I learned about art by looking at it.” My obsession with the word “serendipity” defines my work. I like the idea that every piece of paper offers endless possibilities and it’s just an unexpected, but fortunate, accident that it ended up in the collages I make. In the end it’s “just” paper and glue.


My name is Steffen Durant and I’m a collage artist from and based in Berlin. I create analogue paper collages from old books, postcards, pictures, magazines and everything that was printed on a piece of paper. I always had an interest in the material, but it took until 2006 (during my economic studies) when I starting forming my ideas into more sophisticated artworks. Since 2016 I started collaborating with the “TheCollageClub” on Instagram to create a new paper collages every week.


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Border Patrol
11″x36″; paper; 2018

Waiting for the Bus
7.5″x5.5″; paper; 2018

Searching for Dignity
7.5″x7.5″; paper; 2017

Going for a Swim
10.6″x8.3″; paper; 2017