Todd Bartel+

Garden Study (“A”merican Sublime: Pioneers of New Eden) 
Two diptych puzzle piece collages using 19th century paper and The Scarlet Letter remnants (Nathanial Hawthorne 2nd Edition, Riverside Press Cambridge MA 1978, Illustrated), with 20th Century matte and glossy paper, Filmoplast P90, pencil and lead letter type transfer, Arthur Dimmesdale’s collage (left side of frame) is translated from Ralph Albert Blakelock’s painting entitled The Spirit of Night, 1989, Hester Prynne’s collage (right side of frame) is translated from Frederic Edwin Church’s painting entitled Twilight Short Arbiter, Twixt Day and Night, 1850, mustard seeds, glass, etched glass, copper tape with patina, 19th century stereoview postcard (“View of Salem and Vicinity ”) archival matt, in handmade (“bent”) frame that turns 90º in order to reside in both sides of a room corner. (Each half of the bent frame measures 23.25″x20.625″x1.625”)

Todd Bartel
Watertown, Massachusetts, USA


The respective histories of collage and landscape painting are the same story. Since 1998 I have dedicated my artistic production to understanding and advocating for environmental concerns. In my drawings and collages, land depiction often appears in my work as marginalized or appropriated landscapes; while in my sculptures I often construct iconic “landviews,” which question the ways in which natural resources are consumed and how the surface of the planet is maintained.


Todd Bartel is a collage-based artist. His work assumes assembled forms of painting, drawing and sculpture that examine the roles of landscape and nature in contemporary culture. His work has been exhibited nationally in venues that include Palo Alto Art Center, Katonah Museum, Brockton Art Museum, The Rhode Island Foundation, Zieher Smith, Mills Gallery (Boston Center for the Arts), Iona College. Todd Bartel received a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 1985 and also studied in Rome as part of RISD’s European Honors Program between 1984-1985. He earned his MFA in painting from Carnegie Mellon University in 1993. In 1990, Bartel was a recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.) and in 2000, he was awarded a Connecticut Council on the Arts Fellowship Grant in support of the continuation of his drawing series “Garden Studies” and related “Terra Reverentia” assemblage series. Bartel has taught at Harvard University, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Manhattanville College and Bridgeport University among others. He has been a guest critic at Rhode Island School of Design and since 1998 Bartel has served as both an Artist Teacher and a visiting critic at Vermont College, MFA in Visual Art program. Since 2002, Bartel teaches drawing, painting, sculpture, installation art and conceptual art at the Cambridge School of Weston, Weston, Massachusetts. Bartel is the founder and the Director of the Cambridge School’s Thompson Gallery (, a teaching gallery dedicated thematic inquiry, and “IS” (Installation Space), a proposal-based installation gallery.


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Sublime Climate 
puzzle-piece fit collage using only 19th century papers, end pages, book engravings, dictionary definitions, photo-transfers, yes glue, pencil, archival document repair tape, and Alfred DeCredico’s collage remnants

Real Landscape No. 2
puzzle piece collage (using auction house catalogs) with archival tape, in artist-designed all acrylic Plexiglas frame