Trevor Tipton

30″x24″; acrylic paint, collage on canvas; 2014

Trevor Tipton
San Diego, California, USA


I like making artwork for bands that I like, I would describe my work as Psychedelic with dark undertones. I will usually design a piece on canvas or paper, using collage and acrylic paint. I like to have the artwork screen printed for final version.


Trevor Tipton is a visual Psychedelic poster/collage/screenprinting artist from San Diego, California. Tipton’s artwork is designed with mixed media: collage, acrylic paint, canvas, wood, and paper. Tipton says, “I’ve been doing this for about five years. I started doing designs on canvas and creating gig posters for bands and collaborating with musicians/artists/art directors on designs. I have designed posters and visual art using mixed media collage for Levitation Austin, Desert Daze, Levitation France, PureSalem Guitars and worked on collaborations with musicians/bands such as The Black Angels, Death Valley Girls, Slowdive, Roky Erickson, The Night Beats, and Frankie and the Witchfingers, to name a few.


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24″x18″; acrylic painting, collage on wood panel; 2014

designs for silkscreen posters

original artwork for The Black Angels at Levitation Austin
24″x18″; acrylic painting, collage on canvas

original artwork for Slowdive at Levitation France
24″x20″; acrylic painting, collage on canvas