Cheer Charm Life

Cheer Charm Life (cover) by Scott David Finch. Courtesy of the artist and Antenna

Cheer Charm Life (a sticker book)

by Scott David Finch

Scott David Finch says about this book:

After vacillating between making hard-edged poppy paintings (too stiff and impersonal) and improvisational automatic drawings (too flimsy and unstructured) for a long time, it recently occurred to me to combine the two by sticking my loosely drawn figures directly into the landscapes of print design.

Raisin Bran by Scott David Finch. Courtesy of the artist.

For a few months, I stuck drawings onto all kinds of glossy packaging, but over time I became singularly enchanted by cereal boxes. I like the way they visually explode in the store, and they are also made to be read and repetitively explored by half-awake crunchers.

At first I couldn’t understand why I got such delight from seeing my personal, dreamy drawing imagery interloping amidst the hieroglyphic code of these boxes. Looking back now, I should have grasped that the project retreads the same theme I repeat all the time: it is an entreaty from a daydreamer to himself to wake up!

from Cheer Charm Life by Scott David Finch. Courtesy of the artist.

If you want to interrupt your own little sleepwalk, peel a sticker and stick it. It’s a tiny little aesthetic sugar rush. Then when all the stickers are used up, fold the backing pages into a fan so you don’t overheat.

Text adapted from the artist’s press materials.

About the artist
Scott David Finch lives and works in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he directs the Percent for Art program for the Louisiana Division of the Arts in the Office of Cultural Development. He has been a member of the Baton Rouge Gallery since 2002. His work was featured in the Critic’s Choice Exhibition at the Dallas Visual Art Center, the Fleisher Art Challenge at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, and the Gulf South Regional Artists Exhibition at Bridge for Contemporary Art in New Orleans. His professional experience includes faculty positions at Southeastern Louisiana University and the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, as well as time as the Texas Sculpture Association’s executive director. Learn more about the Cereal Box Drawings HERE.

Cheer Charm Life
by Scott David Finch
24 pages, stickers, softcover
$40 US
Antenna, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2020

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