{th ink} 2: objectextion

{th ink} 2: objectextion

by Aaron Beebe Collage (ABC)

An art publication dedicated to analog collage with an emphasis on type. Issue #2, objectextion, concentrates on the relationship between objects and text. This edition includes numerous talented collage artists from around the world! Th-ink publication is designed and published by Aaron Beebe Collage (ABC).

bijd by Peter Dowker
9″x6″; analog collages with digital composition to include: artist name, title of work, and page number; 2020. Courtesy of the artist and Aaron Beebe Collage (ABC)

{th ink} 2: objectextion was featured as a News & Notes item in Kolaj #29. PURCHASE THE ISSUE.

Text adapted from the author’s press materials

{th ink} 2: objectextion
by Aaron Beebe Collage (ABC)
80 pages, softcover
ISBN 9781714593361
$15.83 US
Aaron Beebe Collage (ABC), Frederick, Maryland; 2020

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