Collage Creativo

Collage creativo: Para conectar con tus emociones

by Rebeka Elizegi

Discover your inner artist with paper collage. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, in this book you’ll find practical tips, activities, new ideas and, most of all, a gorgeous and inspiring selection of cut-out images. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination, get a good pair of scissors and start making collages today!

The pages of this workshop-book allow you to connect with yourself. Dive into this world of infinite possibilities and explore your unique artistic language!
· All the pages are removable to give away or frame your collage
· The cardboard at the end of the book can be used as a cutting mat
· Contains many cutout images

Rebeka Elizegi is a collage artist, art director and graphic designer based in Spain. In parallel with her exhibitions, which have a more artistic and personal feel, her collages have also appeared on the covers of books and magazines, not to mention on albums and posters and as part of decorative projects. She has also published various illustrated books that are based on collage. Her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Los Angeles, and Berlin, and her illustrations have been featured in publications like FLUX Review, on the cover of Kolaj #13, Sample Magazine, and many others. She is also the author of the books Collage by Women and Collage Therapy (Promopress Editions).

Click HERE for a short video about Collage Creativo.

Collage creativo: Para conectar con tus emociones
by Rebeka Elizegi
144 pages
ISBN 978-84-18395-50-5
Editorial Alma, Barcelona, Spain, 2021

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