Collage Therapy

Collage Therapy

by Rebeka Elizegi

This activity and inspirational book about collage, combines fun and focus, entertainment, and mindfulness using collage techniques. It includes a brief history of collage and practical tips and ideas on how to cut and paste, draw and paint, and sew and stitch using paper and everyday objects. It also includes many pages with cut-out material. A whole world to discover!

Rebeka Elizegi is a collage artist, art director and graphic designer based in Spain. In parallel with her exhibitions, which have a more artistic and personal feel, her collages have also appeared on the covers of books and magazines, not to mention on albums and posters and as part of decorative projects. She has also published various illustrated books that are based on collage. Her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Los Angeles, and Berlin, and her illustrations have been featured in publications like FLUX Review, on the cover of Kolaj #13Sample Magazine, and many others. She is also the author of the books Collage by Women (Promopress Editions) and Collage creativo (Editorial Alma).

Click HERE for a short video (in Spanish) about Collage Therapy.

(text adapted from the author’s press materials)

Collage Therapy
by Rebeka Elizegi
124 pages; hard cover
ISBN 9788416504978 (Spanish edition)
ISBN 9788416504633 (English edition)
ISBN 9788416504992 (Italian edition)
ISBN 9788416504985 (French Edition)
Promopress Editions, Barcelona, Spain; 2017

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