Cover image: Electrum #49 by David Crunelle
15.7″x11.8″; lenticular, photocollage, varnish; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


by David Crunelle

This book accompanies Crunelle’s virtual exhibition, “Electrum”, which took place 16 April-12 May 2020. The series was created between December 2019 and March 2020. The book includes 53 collages and presentation text by Christophe Mincke.

Crunelle says about the work: “These are collages made with Hindi divinity posters, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese communist propaganda posters. They are mixed with various lenticular cut-outs and/or posters, 3D and flip (pvc 3mm thick). Varnish and gold foil is used to increase the shiny and super glossy look. The idea is to mix ‘ridiculous’ (in various ways) images together to make something nice and appealing, despite the cheap and laughable original aspect. Most of them are 30x40cm without frame, 40x50cm with frame.”

In Kolaj 29, we discussed David Crunelle’s “Electrum” series as part of our survey of “Pandemic Collage” and how he used the pandemic to explore new platforms for diffusing his artwork. PURCHASE THE ISSUE.

David Crunelle is a visual artist from and based in Brussels, Belgium.

by David Crunelle with Presentation Text by Christophe Mincke
60 pages, illustrated
High-quality print on super soft silk 170g paper with a 350g cover with soft-touch finish
Self-published, Brussels, Belgium; 2020.

Purchase the book directly from the artist HERE.