The Money $how

Money is a virus of the mind which uses humanity for its own reproduction
by Ric Kasini Kadour
digital collage; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

The Money $how: Cash, Labor, Capitalism, & Collage

by Ric Kasini Kadour

The Money $how: Cash, Labor, Capitalism, & Collage juxtaposes contemporary artwork against fragments of history and literature as a way of showing how collage can help us deconstruct culture and understand the world differently. The book takes readers on a tour of late-stage capitalism. The book starts from the premise that money is an idea that shapes contemporary life and present works that invite viewers to consider cash, labor, and capital. Each contemporary artist in the book uses collage to unpack ideas about money and its influence on our culture. Artworks speak about Black wealth, immigrant remittances, and how mid-20th century advertising informs present-day attitudes. Artists collage dollar bills into flowers and mine material remnants to tell stories about home economics.

The book features text by Ric Kasini Kadour, a preface by Frank Juarez and the work of eight artists: Gavin Benjamin (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Max-o-matic (Barcelona, Spain), Paola De la Calle (San Francisco, California), Michael Koppa (Viroqua, Wisconsin), Patricia Leeds (San Rafael, California), Terie Leicht (Fredonia, Wisconsin), Mark Wagner (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), and Carey Watters (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

The Money $how: Cash, Labor, Capitalism, & Collage is a companion book to the similarly titled exhibition that took place at Saint Kate—The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from April 10th to August 10th, 2021.

The Money $how: Cash, Labor, Capitalism, & Collage
by Ric Kasini Kadour
98 pages, color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-927587-52-2
$25 USD/$30 CAD
Published by Maison Kasini Canada, Montreal, Quebec; 2021

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