Holiday in Mar-a-Lago

Ask Please For a Nuclear Freeze (Hellnation) by Mike Micha

Holiday in Mar-a-Lago

by Chad Yenney

This a 32-page jumbo fan-zine featuring 30 international artists and their collage art inspired by Dead Kennedys music. Dead Kennedys lyrics seem as relevant today as when they were written, over three and a half decades ago.

The ‘zine features collages by Francesca Berrini, Sarah Best, @chromiummoon, Kit Clark, @dustin_is_ur_lord, @emlobo, @from_delphine, Gabriel Islas, @jan_homm, Sarah Judge, @kidswithscissors, Matt Littler, Karen Lynch, Kieran Madden, Andrew McGranahan, Michelle Meged, Mike Micha, Dann K. Miller, Drew Milling, Miss.Printed, @mr.babies, Robyn Redish, Stu Rhodes, Jay Riggio, Winston Smith, Greg Traw, Jesse Treece, Niko Vartiainen, Chad Yenney, and Michael Ziobrowski

Night of the Living Rednecks (detail) by Greg Traw

About Chad Yenney:
Chad Yenney started with collage in the 1990s making flyers for local bands and then got back into it in 2014. He constantly participates in group and solo shows. In March 2019, he opened an art gallery, which will host collage group exhibitions. Yenney lives and works in Wenatchee, Washington.

Holiday in Mar-a-Lago
by Chad Yenney
32 pages; broadside
$5.00 US
Chad Yenney, Wenatchee, Washington, 2017

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