Severe Silence

Severe Silence: A Narrative in Poetry and Collage

by Ava Carmel

The theme of Severe Silence can be summed up in one word: SubduWed. A passionate young woman marries a jealous, controlling man. Reassuring and placating him during his outbursts of rage, she attempts to be a “proper” wife, but finds herself defeated. She finally gathers the strength to escape, and battling fear and self-doubt, begins a journey of rediscovery.

Ava Carmel tells her story of self-awakening and healing visually, in collages, which are intriguing, spare, and powerful. Short poems and journal entries help create a coherent narrative.

Help by Ava Carmel
(13″x17″; paper and acrylic paint; 2005). Courtesy of the artist.

Ava Carmel was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After a stint as a folksinger and songwriter, she moved to Galilee, Israel. There she has worked as a freelance journalist, technical writer, editor, and translator.
Severe Silence is her first book.

Severe Silence: A Narrative in Poetry and Collage
by Ava Carmel
148 pages; trade paperback
ISBN 978-965-92562-0-4
$19.95 US
$2.99 US – Kindle version
Hyssop Press, Yodfat, Israel, 2016

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