Mythic Creatures in Collage

Mythic Creatures in Collage: Cyborgs, Chimeras and Exquisite Corpses

by Lynn Gall

Mythic Creatures in Collage illustrates 50 bizarre but fascinating collages by the artist Lynn Gall made with a vast array of ephemera from her archives collected in the United States and Europe. She melds artistic vision with craftsmanship and an unusual point of view to construct these cyborgs, chimeras, and exquisite corpses from a wide variety of vintage and contemporary papers. The results are strange and engaging combinations of human, animal, plant, and machine. Tiny collages called dingbats accompany and complement each image and are miniature artworks done in the same surrealistic spirit. This inspiring collection will captivate anyone interested in surrealism, science fiction, and collage art.

Events Beyond My Control by Lynn Gall
10″x8″; vintage and contemporary papers; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Mythic Creatures in Collage
by Lynn Gall
112 pages; 10″x8″ paperback
ISBN: 979-8795853079
$22.80 USD
Self-published, 2022

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