Wallflowers: Collage as Street Art

by Christopher Kurts, Kolaj, and Ric Kasini Kadour

Wallflowers: Collage as Street Art explores the intersection of collage and street art. Christopher Kurts recalls the formation of the Kolaj Street Krewe from its creation at Kolaj Fest New Orleans to a guerilla art project during the COVID-19 pandemic to an artist residency for Street Artists. The book contains examples of collage as street art by twenty-four artists from eight countries. Christopher Kurts explains the title, “Wallflower is often used to describe someone shy or awkward, standing at the edge of things, not participating. But we’re turning that on its head and drawing the solitary artist out from their secluded studio and onto the street. These flowers are blossoming in full view.” An introduction by Ric Kasini Kadour situates collage in the history of street art.

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Wallflowers: Collage as Street Art
by Christopher Kurts , Kolaj, and Ric Kasini Kadour
88 pages; 9″x6″
ISBN 978-1-927587-65-2
$20 USD
Published by Maison Kasini, Canada, 2022

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