Sensual Media

Sensual Media

by Fabian Giles

“Come to listen and read. Too much TV. Sex for you…and also for me.”

This self-published digital book is a collection of visual collage poems that were written and produced between 2002 and 2016.

The original collage recipe: Cut-out ingredients as misplaced images and words; add leftover recycled visual language, a dash of truth, and a pinch of fantasy; stir up and build up, add something unexpected. Images hit their mark, no matter what happens. The result is sumptuous and infused with creative knowledge.

page spread of Sensual Media by Fabian Giles
7″x8.5″; paper, waste, found objects; 2002-2012
Courtesy of the artist.

About the author:
Fabian Giles is an audiovisual multidisciplinary artist and illustrator specializing in collage, digital photography,, and artivism. His interests are related to the ideas and analysis between culture, society and technology, and all its influences on mass media, music and film by the diffusion of creative messages and proposals that could impact and reflect something positive in the people who receive it.

Text adapted from the publisher’s press materials

Sensual Media
by Fabian Giles
109 pages; digital
$1.99 US
Fabian Giles, Mexico City, Mexico; 2016

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