The Collage Ideas Book

The Collage Ideas Book

by Alannah Moore

Let your creativity run wild and breathe new life into your collages.

Collage allows your creativity to run riot. It lets you juxtapose disparate elements, styles, and media against each other and create something entirely novel, bizarre, arresting,  beautiful, ironic, or unsettling. Old and new can be fused together; the digital and hand-made can be combined. What you can create with collage knows no bounds. This little book is full of big ideas from contemporary collage artists to inspire you to think differently. With a new idea on every page, you will discover fresh ways of tackling the medium to create work that is original and exciting.

Alannah Moore leads a double life between Paris and London. When she’s not prying into the lives of artists or kitchen-table business owners, she might be found cracking open a bottle of Menetou-Salon, rustling up an Indonesian curry or strolling leisurely along the Seine with her Cavalier King Charles. She discovered her skills for talent spotting when researching the world’s best web designers for her first book, Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend. Learn more at

Text adapted from the publisher’s press materials

The Collage Idea Book
by Alannah Moore
6.6”x5.5”; 176 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7815-752-77
£9.99 UK/$12.99 US
Octopus Books, London, 2018

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