The Flying Glue Book Project

The Flying Glue Book Project

The Flying Glue Book Project is a mail art project started in 2014 by Julien Ratouin-Lefevre. The original books were sent out in passport-sized Moleskine format, giving each artist a double page spread for original collage. Books sadly got lost in the mail. A demand for the books to reach completion meant change.

In 2016, Ratouin-Lefevre chose new group organizers. Carol White and Ted Tollefson saw the project through to four out of seven books being returned by December 2017. The Flying Glue Book Project was covered in Kolaj #22. PURCHASE KOLAJ #22.

Waiting for the final submissions, Tollefson had planned to make a book of all of the collage entries and slotted in to the completion process by gathering scans of everyone’s work, approximately 68 active artists in all.

His plan was to identify the work that had appeared in each of the seven books, although three books had been lost in the international mail. Artists from Chile, Argentina, Australia, the EU, Canada and the USA flesh out the diverse imagery. This was a time consuming task.

The book has been received enthusiastically and gratefully with Tollefson accommodating each individual personally. He designed the unique packaging and has sold books to individuals who were not involved in the FGB project.

A sampling of artists included in the book are: Zach Collins-USA; Sabine Remy-Germany; Susanna Lakner-Germany; Geronimo Finn-Austria; Zarka-The Netherlands; Axelle Kieffer-France/USA (image above); Olga Lupi-France; Aaron Beebe-USA; Jude Worters-Australia; Carol White-Ireland; Ted Tollefson-USA; Arki Grynburg-United Kingdom; and Famous Empty Sky-Canada.

Text adapted from text by Theodore Tollefson and Carol White

The Flying Glue Book Project
$20 US plus postage

To purchase the book, contact Ted Tollefson (click to email) or Carol Reid White (click to email)