The Collage Journal, The First Decade: 2005-2015

The Collage Journal, The First Decade: 2005-2015

by Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs has worked in the mediums of collage, photography and mixed media for over thirty years. He is in numerous collections and has exhibited his work nationally and abroad, including five museum exhibitions. Jacobs was the recipient of the top individual fellowship award in 1991 from The New Jersey State Council on the Arts and was a featured artist on PBS’s State of The Arts in 2013.

On March 31, 2005, Jacobs created a collage from that day’s New York Times and has continued that process without interruption every day since. The collages are created solely from the images, colors and texts of that day’s newspaper. They are paintings with paper, theatrical stages of abstracted color and rhythms, layers that imbue surreal narratives, symbolism hidden in humor, social commentary, cultural irony, and pure visual perception.

“The Collage Journal, The First Decade: 2005-2015” was a retrospective exhibition hosted by the Hunterdon Art Museum in 2015. There were 120 works in the exhibition. This catalog accompanying the exhibition has the complete 120 works in full color, as well as an introduction by Eric Levin.

The Collage Journal is integrated into his daily life as a meditation, contemplation and daily source of creative expression. Over 4,500 collages reside in 375 Strathmore books. The complete 12 years of works can be viewed on his website:

The Collage Journal, The First Decade: 2005-2015
by Peter Jacobs
9″x12″; 28 pages
over 130 color reproductions; saddle-stitched
$15 US
Peter Jacobs, Montclair, New Jersey, 2015

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by Peter Jacobs
daily newspaper, glue stick, Strathmore watercolor paper