The Self Improvement Alphabet

O is for Organized Noise by Matthew Rose

The Self Improvement Alphabet

by Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose is an artist living and working in Paris, France. Born in New York in 1959, he graduated from Brown University in 1981 with a degree in Linguistics and Semiotics. An enthusiastic advocate of self-improvement through the reading of ABC books, Rose believes that word and image were happily shot-gun married at the earlieste stages of human civilization.

Since 1989, Rose has exhibited his collages, drawings, altered objects and conceptual headaches across North America, Europe, and Japan. His installations can be stripped-down meditations to street art to wall-to-wall hallucinations like his exhibitions, “Scared but Fresh”, “The Letters”, “Pressure Washing”, “Confessions”, and “Spelling with Scissors”.

In 2009, Rose launched the global collective project, A Book About Death in New York City, an ongoing, unbound book and exhibition on the subject of death. More than 30 exhibitions from New York to Sao Paulo to Australia to Japan have taken place thus far.

The artist is currently working on several projects: Days Like These and Weekend Plans books and the exhibition, “A Final Theory & Other Theories” at The New Art Museum in Karuizawa, Japan. The Self Improvement Alphabet is the artist’s second book with Redfoxpress. People, published in 2015, is a volume of drawings of interesting and unusual folks.

Matthew Rose also plays the mandolin. Learn more about the artist on his Instagram page.

The Self Improvement Alphabet
by Matthew Rose
hardcover, 40 pages
illustrated, thread binding
limited edition: 75 numbered copies
32€, £28, $38 US
Redfoxpress, Achill, County Mayo, Ireland, May 2019

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